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Naruto 582 - Izanami

Read Naruto Chapter 582 entitle Izanami. Thanks to Deadway for the release.
Itachi: The first move has been made.
Sasuke: What does Izanami do exactly?
Itachi: the cost of losing your eyesight forever, you will be able to see ones fate. In other words, you can see what your actions in the present would do to someones in the future.
Sasuke: How will that help...
Itachi: ...Sasuke.
Sasuke: ?
Itachi: Kill him.
Kabuto: !?
Sasuke: !? said..
Itachi: I already told you the first move has been made. I already casted Izanami the moment we clashed.
Itachi: If you kill him, I can see whether or not he was lying about edo tensei.
Sasuke: But what if you're wrong. What if he's actually telling the truth?
Itachi: That's where Izanagi comes in. You can undo it all with Izanagi, as if it were a genjutsu. That's why Izanami and Izanagi could only be used once as they would consume both eyes....however...
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: Someone who's eyes will never lose light, can use it as many times as they please.
Sasuke: !
Kabuto: I interesting plan indeed. Just one problem. In order for Izanagi to work, the user must contain both Uchiha and Senju DNA. Sasuke does not have Senju DNA.
Itachi smiles
Itachi: You sure about that?
Kabuto: !? Positive.
Sasuke: Senju DNA? How?
Itachi: The sword of Totsuka was created by Tobirama, the sword itself contains DNA from Tobirama, who is a senju himself. When I sealed Orochimaru with the sword, I gained a portion of that DNA.
Kabuto: *So...that's where Orochimaru is...*
Itachi: When I died, I gave you that DNA.
Sasuke: !?
Itachi: Have you ever wondered why you have such a high stamina...
Sasuke: So...with my Eternal Mangekyou...I can use this power at will?
Itachi: Correct.
Kabuto: Enough talk.
Kabuto charges in there
Itachi: Amaterasu!
Kabuto: ! this pressure..
Kabuto is hit, he sheds his skin and comes out of his mouth
Sasuke: I don't think so, Amaterasu!
Kabuto is hit again
Kabuto: expected...
Itachi: Let's see what happens..
Itachi: I'm not fadding away, which means he was telli-
Itachi grabbed by chakra scalpals underground.
Sasuke: !?
Itachi: What?
Kabuto: You were paying so much attention to yourself you missed me swap out during out little clash.
Itachi: !*back then...that quickly?*
Kabuto: Uchiha eyes don't frighten me one bit anymore, I know all the secrets.
Kabuto: !!!?
Itachi starts fading away
Kabuto: What? How?
Itachi and Sasuke are standing next to each other.
Kabuto: I see...
Sasuke: what's going on...
Kabuto: He never casted Izanami on me.....he casted it....on himself.
Itachi's right eye starts closing
Sasuke: Why? Why did you do it on yourself.
Itachi: I told you, izanami shows the fate of someone. I casted it on myself to see if we would be victorious here.
Sasuke: And?
Itachi: It showed me...
Sasuke is stabbed through his chest by Itachi
Itachi: that I have been a fool.
Chapter end.


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