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One Piece 658 RAW & Predictions

Things keep getting wilder and weirder in this adventure. The fire and ice environment has been established, but now we have bird people and a daycare of giant kids. And of course, there is the samurai who has been cut to pieces by some unknown power. The lower half is with Luffy's group and the head is with Sanji's group, but where is the upper body? The samurai doesn't like pirates, but it doesn't sound like he is a bad guy and he is on the island to rescue his son. The island's name of Punk Hazard hints that the island may have something to do with the infamous Dr. Vegapunk, and maybe Sanji's group has been captured by the mad scientist's underlings? The samurai's lower body also spoke of some Shichibukai too. It might take a while for this story to unravel.

One Piece 658 RAW Predictions

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  1. I think Punk Hazard is the place where Aokiji y akainu fought, half ice, half fire, and the samurai fought with trafalgar law, that because he has been cut like he do, maybe the samurai is the father of aokiji and tray to help him because is too weak for the fight and akainu let people there to hunt him.

  2. The things youve said might be true but only until the trafalgar law part, I dont think aokiji's father would appear as a samurai only -.-

  3. I think Aokiji is an orphan because he looks up to Monkey D. Garp like a hero or father but i have no proof of that, and the half ice, half fire is a pretty convincing theory of yours, i think i read somewhere that, that island is supposed to be lightning island where it rains lightning literally.

  4. most diffidently agree with ^ . i think it is the place where the two admirals fought . and tiger may have pass though but isnt there anymore.
    I also think that the island is where vegapunk moved his lab , considering the giant kids.