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Naruto 530 Spoilers

Naruto 530 Spoilers Pictires is out. Check it out at My Naruto Blog. It's hard believe but Kakuse was defeated by Izumu and Kotetsu, the Chunin that fought Kakuzu and Hidan last time, but they didn't defeat him. They cut Kakuzu's strings and pinned down his arms, immobilizing him. Next week's WSJ #15: Naruto (Cover, Color Page)

caption "Darui unit has sealed kinkaku and ginkaku....however!!"

Ino: for (a guy) being scared the crap, Good job, choji!
Choji ...i feel ive lost weight radically with a cold sweat
Shikamaru: a feeling is ok
No worries, youre the same old you.

Shikaku: As planned!
Inoichi:You've gained better control of the speed and release of shintenshin...
Choza: well done choji!
Kituchi: from the squad 8 to the 10, take the injured to the rear(?)
The rest, follow me!!

Izumo: I 'owe' you...
you're not forgetting that are you, hijiki(black algae) bastard
kakuzu: im afraid i don't remember an opponent that doesn't make money...
Kotetsu: they say money talks even in the hell but...
can i ask you if it talked after you died?

Ino: Choji...
the last words of asuma sensei...
Do you remember?
asuma: Choji... youre... a kindhearted guy who cares his fellows...
Thats why.... you can be a strong shinobi more than anyone else...
be more confident... in yourself...

asuma: you're although strongwilled...a girl who takes good care of(/is attentive to) others...
choji and they are both clumsy...
i count on you...

Kankuro: gasp,(my body is numb.)
Mifune: i reckon you're Hanzou-dono(sir),
Im president of samurais, namely mifune,
Id like to have a match with you!


  1. Oh Mifune will fight Hanzo, thats one thing i wouldn't predict to come.

  2. Well looks like reuniting with Asuma will happen next chapter.

    Good to see much time wont be wasted on Kakuzu, and that two characters not normally in the spot light get to shine.

    I am also intrigued seeing Mifune pair off against one of the strongest ninjas ever in Hanzo.

  3. Wow Mifune vz. Hanzo... now thats interesting.

    Realy curious to see how the fighting style of ninjas and samurai differs. so far we've only seen fodder samurai, but looks like mifune is realy strong.

  4. So the summon beasts still follow their dead master's order (Hanzo could still control his salamander summon)? What would happen IF a zombie Jiraiya and Naruto summoned Gamabunta at the same time? Whom Gamabunta would choose?

  5. The man who defeated the legendary sannin is up next, finally!
    I wonder if Mifune will be able to keep it up with such a beast? But then again he was chosen as a commander so, I guess he's quite skilled.

  6. mifune vs hanzou wonder if he will be a match and if kakuzu actually was taken out by those two guy he faced already that were with asuma and were no match