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One Piece 684 Spoilers

One Piece 684 Spoilers Confirmed will be released TODAY on Wednesday (October 10, 2012). In this chapter, Smoker and Vergo are fighting. Vergo may be an ability user. Gas is seeping in already....The truth about the incident 4 years ago is revealed. Luffy encounters Momonosuke. Find out story on One Piece 684 Spoilers 「ワンピース ネタバレ」 第684話 at My Mangastream. If you would like to discuss the Spoiler or prediction, please leave a comment below.
Source: Status: Confirmed Chapter 684: Stop it, Vegapunk
Coverstory 10: Caribou Pirates vs Marine G-5
Koribou armed with a shovel is going toe-to-toe with Yarisugi's katana

SAD room
As Smoker and Vergo fight, Vergo blows into his bamboo stick, spitting out
explosives at Smoker like a blow dart.
As the two fight, Smoker has a slight advantage over Vergo in terms of physical
combat, and mangaes to land a clean hit on his face.
He then demands Vergo to keep his hands off his men. (badass moment)

Building B, where the G-5s are
The place is burning down, and one of the tank explodes, causing a hole in the walls.
The gas starts seeping into the compound.
As they run for their lives, more G-5 gets caught in the gas and die in the process.
CC is observing the chaos on the monitor seeing how the small dragon caused Shinokuni to get in.
He's unhappy though, as dying there won't do any good to his experiment spectacle show.
CC orders to close the gates to C and D, but to leave R open, so all of them will be gathered there.

CC is in 2nd floor of building R, the "Secret Room"
This room used to be Vegapunk's commanding room.
He plans to trap everyone in the first floor of Building R, and send Shinokuni in from the vents, killing everyone.
Strawhats, G-5, and even the children. He will broadcast the entire deal to the brokers of the New World.

He tells his men that he stopped the mad scientist Vegapunk and his evil weapon from destroying the island
His men believes him, as he tells them he wants to prove that he is a better scientist than Vegapunk by creating a more powerful weapon, although it is against his will, so he can bring down Vegapunk from the seat of most valuable scientist in the World Government.

But that's far from the truth....

Flashback of 4 years ago starts

It was Ceaser that used the weapon of mass destruction on the island, as the other scientists tried to stop him.
He arguest that what's wanted is a weapon for marines that can kill as many pirates as possible.
Other scientists argue that weapon that brings massive unbiased civilian casualties is not what's needed.
Ceaser says a weapon that can kill everything is the way to true peace, and says what he's doing is no different than experiments on human trash on this island.
Fleet Admiral Sengoku may not agree with him, but CC believes Admiral Akainu would want his weapon.

He claims Vegapunk is jealous of him, as he recently failed with his gigantism experiment.
CC says they should just go kidnap kids to experiment on, if they want the experiment to succeed.
Vegapunk is shown in shillouette (again) telling CC he's expelled from their science board, and that he's out of control.
Enraged, CC hits a buttom, causing massive explosion in the lab.

Back to the present time, CC's minions close the doors as ordered.
Meanwhile in the dump, Luffy encounters a small asian dragon that speaks....!

Bleach 511 Spoilers

Bleach 511 Spoiler Confirmed will be released TODAY on Wednesday (October 10, 2012). The previous chapter ended with Juhabach slashes Yamamoto’s left shoulder…! So what happens next? Find out story on BLEACH 511 Spoiler ブリーチ ネタバレ 第511話 at My Mangastream. If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Bleach 511 Spoilers is not available yet. We will update this post as soon as the spoiler is out.

Naruto 605 Spoilers

Naruto 605 Spoilers Confirmed will be released TODAY on Wednesday (October 10, 2012). The previous chapter ended with Obito witnessed his friend, Kakashi hit Rin with Chidori. So what happens next? Find out story on Naruto ナルトネタバレ 第605話 Spoiler at My Mangastream. If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.

Status: Confirmed

kakashi abandons rin
obito hugs rin. and says goodbye
one mist jounin arrives
obito strangles him cruelly
obito's eye transformed into mangekyou

kakashi is in konoha in a medal ceremony
hokage minato gives the medal
everybody cheers kakashi
there is danzou,sandaime,gai
hundreds of people
then the page of obito in konoha hiding as anbu
his face looks pure evil

Naruto 603 Spoilers

Naruto 603 Spoilers Confirmed will be released TODAY on Wednesday (September 26, 2012). The previous chapter ended with Madara states the wants to change the world and break the cycle of violence and he wants Obito to help him. So what happens next? Find out story on Naruto ナルトネタバレ 第603話 Spoiler at My Mangastream. If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below.
Status: Confirmed

Madara is sleeping, two clones appear before Obito and have an interesting conversation. They help rehabilitate Obito, help him use the Harashima stuff that's been grafted on him essentially. Time passes, one of the Zetsu clones comes back and tells Obito that Rin and Kakashi are surrounded by Mist Ninja's and are in trouble. Obito is surrounded by the Zetsu clone so he can use it's body.

Naruto 603 - Hatred Awakened

Read Naruto 603 prediction entitle Hatred Awakened here. Thanks for Deadway for the release. Meanwhile, Naruto 603 spoilers will be released on Wednesday (September 26, 2012).
Obito: *Alright...I need to act as if I'm cooperative. This guy claims to be Madara...but he's missing his eyes, and currently only has one...I have nothing to worry about.*
Obito: Hey! Old jeezer, are you gonna help me up?
Madara: I don't think so.
Obito: Wha-why not? You can't just keep me here on the ground!
Madara: If you won't help me, I won't help you.
Obito: ...fine..what do you want.
Madara: ...
Madara walks over and picks him up
Madara: First things first, grow your body out.
Obito: What? You gotta be kidding me I don't have this kind of regeneration!?
Madara: Did you not listen to me? You have Hashirama's body inside you. Now grow.
Obito: That's right, I do feel this enormous burst of chakra inside me...
Madara: Like the sharingan, send chakra through your arms, as if you have them.
Obito: Ok....
Obito focuses. Out comes an arm and a leg
Obito: Holy shi---I mean wow.
Madara: You're surprised? Does konoha even teach history? Anyway, get up.
Obito: *Wait...nows my chance...I have my body back, I should make a run for---*
Madara attacks him with the scythe
Obito: !? WAIT
Madara decapitates Obito.
Madara: !
Obito: !?? What? My head, it's still here?
Madara: I don't believe it...
Obito: What just happened? Why did you attack me old man!
Madara: Out of all the Uchihas, the rare deformation occurred to you.
Madara: It's a rare trait in the Uchiha clan, where an Uchiha will awaken great power within their eyes at early stages.
Obito: Are you telling me I have some sort of super ninja technique?
Madara: You could say that. It seems you can dematerialize your body, it would explain how you survived that rock and landed inside my tunnel.
Obito: I don't know how I did it though, it's as if...
Madara: You awaken it when you're going to die.
Obito: Right...anyway, old man or...Madara, what is it that you want me to do for you.
Madara: I need you to awaken the power in that eye, although I have no idea where your other one is, this will have to do.
Obito: Ok..and how do I do this..
Madara: You have to kill your closest friend.
Obito: !? Forget it! I'm not killing anyone!
Madara: Then you're useless to me. The exists that way.
Obito: Hmm.
Obito leaves
Obito is walking in a forest under rain.
Obito: *Once..I get home...I'll inform sensei about this guy...and then I'll see if maybe Rin...will go on a date with me? I'm certain she likes me...she did cry when she saw me "die"*
Obito notices a tomb and a person
It's Kakashi standing there under the rain.

Obito: *That's Kakashi! ha, I guess that's my grave...better hurry and tell him to stop crying like a baby*
As Obito's about to step out he notices something on he tomb
The tomb says "Rin" and shows her picture.
Giant panel of Obito's shocked face.
Obito steps back inside the forest
Obito: *Rin? Rin is dead? woudl he let that way...I can't I....I....*
Kakashi: !? That voice?
Kakashi jumps into the forest. Obito is gone.
Scene changes back to Madara
Obito slips through the ceiling and lands on the floor, on his knees.
Madara: I see you finally decided to show up. So?
Last panel shows a panel of Obito looking at Madara with the Mangekyou Sharingan
Obito: What was that second thing you had in mind?
Chapter End.

Bleach 508 - Like a Raging Fire

Yamamoto has unleashed Zanka no Tachi South – Kaka Juuman Okushi Daisoujin!!. Will Yamamoto kill Juha this time? Let’s find out in Bleach chapter 508.